Who We Are

Our Mission

As an internationally-diverse group of students, Kasumi Refugee Support Youth is able to draw from its members the experiences and skillsets deriving from a variety of contexts and cultural backgrounds. We believe that the situations and circumstances of refugees in Japan are unfamiliar to many outside of the country because of the language barrier. Moreover, Refugees in Japan have a hard time integrating into the society also because of the linguistic, cultural, and social differences. These factors increase the isolation and helplessness that refugees suffer. We engage in a variety of humanitarian projects in order to ease such pain

What We Do


We translate documents on the status of refugees in order to raise awareness and inform the English-speaking community both inside and outside of Japan.


We engage in letter-writing programs to interact with and ease the psychological pain of refugees

Japanese Classes

We conduct Japanese classes in order to help refugees better integrate into Japanese society

Common Hub

Our website functions as a bridge that connects different refugee support groups in Japan and as a hub of information for the issue of refugees in Japan and worldwide.

Our Story

The history of Kasumi Refugee Support Youth was a simple origin. A group of students at Tokyo International University want to help immigrants deal with the hardships and difficulties of adjusting to life in Japan. With the help of our Professor we wrote letters to immigrants to encourage and give refugees a place where they can voice their feelings.

There were similar student support groups throughout Japan operating on humanitarian grounds. However, we notice that while there was a lot activities, very few people outside of Japan are aware of the situation of immigrants. This is a shame because the more that the hardships faced by immigrants everywhere are known, the better we can at helping them overcome the difficult times and return to normal lives. With limited resources, the best way that we could think up to help immigrants in Japan was to create an online platform where we can document and share information in order to raise public awareness especially among non-Japanese speakers. We believe that by bringing into light the situation, we can help support immigrants by giving them voice and inspire potential benefactors to support immigrants in Japan.

In the Spring of 2020, Kasumi Refugee Support Youth was created. Our group consists of students mainly from Tokyo International University and from other renowned academic institutions around the world (such as the University of Sheffield) who possess different nationalities and backgrounds. Our diversity gives us strength as we can communicate and empathize with immigrants who have come from all corners of the earth to seek shelter in Japan. Since then, Kasumi Refugee Support Youth has attracted the attention of students and scholars working in the field, as well as Japanese youths who have become more aware and interested in the perils that immigrants face.

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