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Offshoring Refugee Processing

Though the media often mentions refugee offshoring together with Australia, extraterritorial asylum processing is not necessarily unique to the country. This article, therefore, focuses on the state of offshore refugee processing in Australia while also making references to similar models that gave it inspiration or are considered for replicating.

Afghanistan: The “World’s Least Peaceful Country”

Afghan refugees are one of the largest protracted refugee populations in the world. More than forty years ago, Afghanistan entered a situation of instability that is still ongoing nowadays. Since then, more than 400,000 people escaped from the violence protracted by the Communist-led Taraki and Amin regime, crossing over into neighboring Pakistan and Iran.

Refugee Advocacy in Japan: What You Need To Know

Refugee advocacy in Japan did not start until around the 1980s, after Japan accepted 11,319 forced migrants from Indochina under the pressure of the U.S and its allies. Around the same time, the country became a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention in an effort to overcome its isolationist image and foster a positive reputation as a developed country willing to fulfill its international obligations.

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