2021 World Refugee Day Marks One Year of KRSY’s Official Launch

Author: MinhAnh Nguyen

2021 World Refugee Day on June 20 marks one full year since Kasumi Refugee Support Youth officially launched its website and one year and a half since the group was founded upon a common goal of support refugees and asylum seekers in Japan. The World Refugee Day this year is celebrated worldwide amidst the ongoing global pandemics, worsening the daily struggles and hardships of refugees across the globe.

Today is another chance for every member of the Kasumi Refugee Support Youth to remind ourselves of the very reasons we came together to establish the group, the struggles we overcame in the pre-launch period of this website, the achievements and recognition we have gained for refugees and asylum seekers in the past year, the greatness of the diversity of our members, and the personal growth and development each member has taken.

Let’s hear what our members have to say about this day!

Reina from the Content Team:


Mikae from the IT Team:

To me, it is a day to honor the strong wills of the people who made decision to leave their home to seek a better life in different places, regardless of any difficulties they might face on the way. For other people, it is an opportunity to understand the experiences of refugees and celebrate the rights they deserve.

Noa from the Communications Team:


Azan from the Content Team:

A day for the people who left their land, people for a safe, better and peaceful land. This day proves to be very important for the ones who have been facing crucial issues financially, mentally and physically. Refugees can’t go back to their homeland due to either political issues or financial issues. This day is the day to show them hope towards a happy life, that they can also lead a happy and peaceful life. Refugees are also important just like any other person. They should also get the recognition and same rights and accommodations which other people enjoy. There are very few organizations working for the human rights of refugees and Kasumi Refugee Support Youth is one of them, raising voice for the refugees before all the authorities to make it clear that Refugees are also human. They also breathe, eat, walk, smile just like other ordinary people. We need to boost up the awareness for the refugees in this crucial time when covid-19 has affected every single person’s livelihood.

A member from the Content Team:

Refugee Day means a lot of different things to me, but the most important part is that it is an opportunity for us to elevate the voices of refugee activists, and to promote equality for all human beings, no matter if they are running away from something or not, no matter if they have the right visa or not, to treat eachother like human beings

Ila from the Communications and Content Team:

Refugee Day means a lot to me. It reminds me why I am doing what I’m doing at Kasumi. This year it will also be more special to me since I’m doing an internship with Refugee Empowerment International and we are going to celebrate it by starting a big fundraising event that hopefully will bring us more funds to support our projects for refugees by refugees. Nowadays everywhere refugees are often discriminated against and starting a new life for them might seem impossible. That is why I want to support them in all the ways possible.

Tsuzuru from the Content Team:


Pedar from the IT Team:

I associate two things with this day. Firstly, it reminds me of the struggle of my parents who themselves were political Refugees, risking their lives to get us in safety so our family could have a peaceful future. Second, it makes me remember how we as a small group of volunteers launched the Website of KRSY, a group that has since then seen incredible development and growth. I am happy to see how many more members, reach and support we have gained since we launched and I could not think of any better day to celebrate this.

Mayuko from the Content Team:

To me, Refugee Day is a day to highlight the need for more action by governments to protect and provide a better life for refugees!

MinhAnh from the Content Team:

Today, we raise awareness of the struggles and hardships of refugees across the world. Today, we honour their courage, strength, and determination, and recognise their rights, needs, and hopes they deserve. Today, we also celebrate the one-year official launch of Kasumi Refugee Support Youth website and the hard work of every member of the group to make it happen.

In the past year, I have learned, grew, and become more educated on the plight of refugees and asylum seekers in Japan. I am grateful to be a part of this team full of amazing and dedicated members. I am grateful for all the lessons and knowledge I have gained and for the life-long connection we have established with other refugee support organisations throughout Japan.

Thank you for your support and let’s look forward to another fruitful year to support refugees and asylum seekers in Japan and worldwide!

Image: Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash

2021 World Refugee Day Marks One Year of KRSY’s Official Launch
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