Month: January 2021

Refugee Women: Victims of Abuse

In this article, we would like to bring attention to this issue from a different perspective, one of the refugee women. A large number of them are victims of physical abuse, not just in their countries of origin or while fleeing from those countries, but also in refugee camps. In places where they should be protected from the danger they are fleeing from, often another nightmare begins.

Ushiku no Kai 2020 Annual Meeting

On December 13, our members attended the 2020 annual meeting of Ushiku Nyukan Syuyojyo Mondai wo Kangaerukai (Association Concerned with Issues at Ushiku Migrant Detention Center), or Ushiku no Kai in Tsukuba City, Japan. Ushiku no Kai is a coalition of individuals who advocate for the human rights of many foreign migrants detained in the East Japan Immigration Center (Ushiku Detention Center), a facility located in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture.

My Saturdays and A Glimpse of Children’s Smiles

Today, I would like to write about a Japanese language class held in Warabi City of Saitama Prefecture. This Japanese language class is held twice a week, on every Thursday at the Kokoshiba Cafe and every Saturday at the Shiba Community Center, mainly for Kurdish people from Turkey. In this article, I will introduce the Japanese language class held every Saturday at Shiba Community Center.

My Thursdays and A Glimpse of Children’s Smiles

In this article, I would like to write about my volunteering experience at a Terakoya (private elementary school) from June this year. But first, let me share with you some information about this Terakoya. The private school conducts classes every Thursday in Kokoshiba cafe, a coffee shop located close to Warabi station of Saitama prefecture. As a volunteer, my role includes helping Kurdish kids with their homework and teaching Japanese to adults.

Happy Holidays & Thank You for Your Support!

Happy Holidays to beloved readers of Kasumi Refugee Support Youth! On a winter night in early December, Riley, one of our members, wanted to send thank-you cards to KRSY’s long-term supporters. Thus, Naoki Moriyama, another member of ours, designed those lovely holiday greetings cards. Through them, we would like to express the group’s deepest gratitude and appreciation for our partners’ continued support from when KRSY was just an idea.

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