Month: November 2020

Warabi Halloween Night

On Halloween day, I joined with some of my fellow students at Kasumi Refugee Support Youth (KRSY) to volunteer in Warabi to help and support refugee students in Japan. We were invited and asked to help with their English homework, as well as to be an overall support for the students. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I really enjoy working with children.

Where the EU Cannot Reach Civil Society Can

Following the fire that broke out on the island of Lesbos, Greece’s biggest refugee camp Moria. International organizations, refugees living in the camp, the Greek government, and the nation’s population have criticized the EU bodies for their mismanagement and inaction concerning this huge migration crisis since 2014. Since then, already 6 years have passed and what recently happened in Greece is proof that more has to be done from the European Community but little seems to be moving so far. Nevertheless, is the situation really helpless? Since the first arrivals on European coasts, all over Europe civil society organizations popped up with the aim of giving immediate and solid relief to people in need. Today they’re more active than ever, and their reach is really improving people’s lives. A message of hope has been hidden from the public eye but that needs to be acknowledged.

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