Month: September 2020

[Ushiku Group] September Activity Report and Next Meeting Announcement

At Ushiku, we first pass through a disinfectant mat at the entrance, sanitize our hands, press the buzzer on the door, and the staff responsible for temperature measurement will show up at 8:30 AM. After having our temperature checked and a “temperature-checked” sticker affixed, we enter the building. The reception for visitation starts at 8:30. We write our personal information and the nationality and name of the person we want to visit on the application form. Items sent to detainees are also accepted. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, items sent by the visitor on Wednesday will only reach detainees on the next Monday.

About Students’ Organization Assembled for Refugees (SOAR)

SOAR Student Organization was established in 2013 primarily by intern students of Japan for UNHCR, the official contact point of UNHCR in Japan. Currently, members of SOAR are high school and university students from all over Japan. Since SOAR is not an organization at a specific university and each member has different expertise, the organization has become a place for students to develop extensive connections and share knowledge.

[Ushiku Group] July Activity Report and Next Meeting Announcement

Kyushu, Gifu and Nagano prefectures, as well as all the western region of Japan, have all experienced serious disasters due to heavy rains. Along with the continuous gloomy downpour, Tokyo and its surrounding areas are dealing with the rapid spread of the Corona-virus. Japan and the world are looking for a way out of the harshness of “this period.”

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