Month: August 2020

A Joint Emergency Request Regarding Detention in the Immigration Center

On April 20, five organizations including the Catholic Commission of Japan for Migrants, Refugees and People on the Move (J-CaRM) made a joint emergency request to the government. The request demands the release of foreign detainees who have a place of residence in the country, among those currently being detained in the Immigration Facility, in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

Children Left In Limbo: Japan and its Treatment to Children of Irregular Migrants

Asylum seekers in Japan have to go through a bureaucratic and time-consuming process that takes from one year up to fifteen years, often with many rounds of appeals against a negative decision. Children of these irregular migrant families who were either born in Japan or brought along by their parents from their home countries face difficulties growing up due to the restrictions imposed upon their parents. Japan should take a humanitarian approach towards its immigration system to protect the rights and well-being of these children.

The Situation of Detainees in Swedish Detention Centers [Part 1]

Not all detentions center across the world are the same. Sweden, a country that is often considered at the forefront of social welfare development also has detention centers. These centers exist in order to detain people that are considered unwilling to cooperate with the regulations set regarding immigration. But what are the conditions like within the centers? And how does regulation regarding the time of stay and deportation look like?

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