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Together We Can! A Call to Support Refugees in Japan

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Japan might have asked for workers (or students), but they got people instead. Irregular migrants live precarious lives. They are not allowed to work, do not have access to national health insurance or other social welfare services, and are always at risk of being detained and/or deported. The conditions at immigrant detention centers are also horrible. ​Detainees who have experienced time in prison say that ​immigrant ​detention is worse than prison. In detention, nobody knows when (or if) they will be released. These conditions, and a complete lack of transparency, are extremely stressful for the detainees and have led to a number of suicides and suicide attempts, as well as hunger strikes by detainees.


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Kasumi Refugee Support Youth is a student-led volunteer circle with the aim of helping refugees in Japan. We believe that people everywhere, regardless of their legal status or socio-economic background, deserve to have their humanity respected and to be able to thrive. Even more so in the context of Japanese society, providing support to refugees contributes to social harmony and diversity. Becoming a refugee is a traumatic experience, our aim is, therefore, to ease such pain and help refugees reintegrate into society, and to bring into light the issues of refugees not only in Japan but also worldwide.

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